Introducing myself-an Israeli Escort

Hi, I’m now introducing myself to the world as an independent Israeli Escort. This blog is intended to tell the story of my life as an escort, as a student, as a freelancer as an independent woman, as an Israeli….and if that is not enough, of course we have to add in that my escorting […]

What this blog is not….

lenni independent escort in tel aviv

I did my research and discovered that is seems that every escort blog that I read was all about the presents you can send them, how horny they always are and of course their international schedule. Nothing really personal and nothing really interesting. There was the very very very rare blog that wrote about her […]

Balancing my chaotic life

Independent escort balancing

My life has always been a bit chaotic as I try to balance my various interests as well as my work, education, friends and family. At one point I decided to start escorting. This in itself was just an additional thing to to add to my calendar, until I soon learned that it wasn’t just […]

Its not always about sex

Independent escort in Tel Aviv

Sometimes my visits have nothing to do with sex, its can be simply a person reaching out to meet someone new, having an interesting conversation, receiving the full attention from a young, cute, intelligent female. My escorting has led me to meet many interesting people that in the course of my regular life and job […]

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