"so many websites so many beautiful pictures, so many options. I was totally lost as to how to choose, until I found Lenni's comparative table..."

Escorting in Israel-
Comparison Shopping*

*the table and content below originated with an escort name kim who is no longer working

For the first time visitor to Israel, escorting in Israel, it can certainly be confusing. There are just so many options found on the internet and its not really clear what is being promised and what is being delivered.

In the interest of a public service, I have published and updated a comparison table of the various options.

It is by no means complete nor perfect but it at least will give the visitor a start:

Definitions are at the bottom of the page for those “first timers” that might need them.

Type Location Prices / Hr Communication Variety of Services Description
SCAMS The girls you see on the Escort portals. Websites with lots and lots of pictures of girls Incall to Hotels (Hilton, Vital and others), as if they are staying in the hotels:
$200 - $600 WhatsApp They will agree to anything you want, even video They Invite you to meet them at their hotel, once you have arrived in the lobby they will ask you to send money (a down payment to reserve your time) or even before you leave to meet them at the hotel, they will ask for that down payment They are not in the hotel or even the country​
Incall 300nis-600nis​ You just enter the apartment, take a seat in the waiting room and wait your turn.​ Very Limited, whatever gets you out the fastest Sad & Depressing places to visit​
Fake Private Escorts
Incall 600 - 100nis WhatsApp to the girl waiting in the apartment. Her English is usually very limited and she'll be using Google Translate to write back to you (notice the pause before she replies). ​ They usually have a prepared answer for WhatsApp and no patience or vocabulary to discuss options.​ The pictures maybe real, maybe fake, the apartment, the ads are all handled by someone else, the service will vary
Escort Agencies
Outcall- Private Apartments, Hotels, AirBnb​ 800 - 2500nis WhatsApp, Email, Phone. You not talking with the actual Escort.​ You will have to wait until she arrives to learn of her options. The agencies promises are worthless.​ You wont know what she looks like until she arrives. The agency will send whom ever they have available at that time (bait and switch).​
Private & Independent Escorts
Outcall/Incall: Hotels, Private Apartments, AirBnb, Rooms rented by the hour 1000 - 2500nis WhatsApp, Email, Phone. You are talking with the actual Escort. Varies per girl: from PSE, that would include everything to a GFE which like any girlfriend has a more limited menu. Not always willing to discuss the options, they don't have the patience. A few Israelis in this catagory (very expensive) mostly professionals from Europe
Israeli Independent- Escorts
Outcall: Hotel 4/5 star, Airbnb, sometimes private apartment 1800nis - 2,000nis Uses Email or Whatsapp for details of service, expectations as well as for confirmation of time and place for the meeting. Though obviously it will vary from girl to girl, still the chances are better for good visit. Usually very concerned about privacy as they have family here, also setting up a time to meet may require some scheduling issues as they balance their own work with their escorting.

Usually educated.

A better service is usually provided

Bait and Switch

The agencies and the telephone operator have little interest in your actual needs and use the “bait and switch” technique. You may ask for a young tall blond with big naturals as in the picture, but they will send whomever they have available, even if she is short, black hair and a bit overweight. They go on the correct assumption that you are too horny to argue and will accept whomever walks in the door.

The better choice is one of the truly independents escorts. Like any small business, we like to keep our clients happy and will go the extra mile to insure that.


Woman waiting for the clients, one after the other. A very impersonal service with the concept of “as many as possible.”We have a few in Israel  today. Very sad places to see and visit.

Pseudo Private Escorts-The Majority in the Website Portals

These are women who are “visiting” Israel as tourists on their escorting “world tour.” Most of these woman are from E. Europe, have a personal phone numbers, professional photographs of themselves and their own apartment. Actually, most work for a company(s) that set them up takes care of the advertising and takes their cut. They use  Google translate  for communicating with Whatsapp.

Escort Agencies:

These are companies with large websites and pictures of many many woman (few if any actually work here). They put in many resources to grab your attention with alluring ads and stories. I understand that they take 50% of what the client pays. The woman are sent out to whomever calls with little control over whom they are visiting.

Private Independent Escorts:

The rarest of them all here in Israel. Real independent woman who manage their own affairs. Decide who they visit, when they visit and retain all of their earnings.

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