Independent escort balancing

Balancing my chaotic life

My life has always been a bit chaotic as I try to balance my various interests as well as my work, education, friends and family. At one point I decided to start escorting. This in itself was just an additional thing to to add to my calendar, until I soon learned that it wasn’t just an ordinary addition. Escorting is actually much more demanding in terms of time and organization.

To begin with its a secret and in addition to being just a secret it also demands that I check my emails far more often than I would normally do. But there is more, its not just checking my emails its also writing back. One of my goals was to let my sunny and cheerful personality flow through my emails to my potential clients. this was to be contrast to my “competition” (yes I do competitive research) who answers their whatsapp messages rather brusquely and cold and attempt to keep any chatting to a minimum.

So if you feel that I’m answering like a “cold bitch” please be patient with me, its probably one of those days where I have all the balls in the air and desperately trying not to let any of them fall and break, especially those of my escort clients.

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