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born and raised in Israel

"after a few minutes, she slows down, looks at me, smiles and says “You did good”. Well there is nothing like giving a girl an orgasm to get me even still harder :)."

I'm Lenni, a sexy, young Independent Israeli Escort

I’m a 34-year-old Israeli native, university-educated and fluent in Hebrew and English.

While it’s rare for a sabra like me (Israeli born) to work as an escort in Israel, but here I am 🙂

I also love the intimacy, as my libido is always craving attention. I provide a range of services, from a simple massage, the more classical meeting or a bit of spice with a fetish, its up to you (as the saying goes: whatever floats your boat). Tell me what you looking for in your email, feel free to let it all out, I intend on being the best part of your trip in Israel.

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Lenni-independent Israeli escort tel aviv

Now that you visited my home page, its time for you to discover more about my independent escorting.

To begin with, Israel apparently has become one of the “stops” for international escorts. They stop by for a week or two or even a few months as they travel the world. They are here for a short visit and then move on. Obviously their interests in you and effort is related to their short visit here. You can read more about them here.

Thats not me, whether its my public profession or my part-time escorting, I believe in full service, no cutting corners for a “fast buck.”

I’m sure as a professional yourself, you can appreciate my attitude.

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