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If you would like me to enter your hotel room wearing my yoga outfit, just ask.

I’m Lenni, Independent Israeli Escort

3 Things You Should know about me

  1. I’m a 32-year-old Israeli native, university-educated and fluent in Hebrew and English.
  2. While it’s rare for a sabra like me (Israeli born) to work as an escort in Israel, but here I am, Private and Independent 🙂
  3. I also love the intimacy, as my libido is always craving attention. I provide a range of services, from a simple massage, the more classical meeting or a bit of spice with a foot fetish, it’s up to you (as the saying goes: whatever floats your boat). Tell me what you’re looking for in your email, feel free to let it all out.

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My Reviews

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Lenni…..a slim, tall Native born Israel. The email communication was easy, she prefers email and doesn’t use whatsapp. After a few pleasantries, and general information about where we will be meeting (One of the larger hotels in Tel Aviv and preferable times). I mentioned

I recently have developed a fetish for yoga pants and that it would be nice if she could arrive in such. Well she was very acceptable to the idea, and so it came to pass.

She have a very nice website that shows the time and effort that she has put into it. I also noticed over the last few months that she also added a few pages and content. (I always like that, as it shows her seriousness).

Slim, tall, blond and very cute with a wonderful smile (good vibes) as she entered my hotel room wearing those tight fitting yoga pants. Had I been in the lobby, I would have noticed her immeditatly and would have tried not follow her with my eyes….

so I’m on the couch and she comes and does a little twirl so I can see her body via that tight fitting yoga outfit, I ask her for another twirl, after that she sits down next to me and starts with the kissing. My hand automatically goes to her tits (C). This has been happening to me since high school, sort of an automatic reflex. Well she removes the top so i can get a better feel and suck her nipples, soon her hand is on my cock (my pants were already off) and then her mouth. Its a big couch so has room to move back, ass in the air, mouth on my cock, my hand on her tits moving to her pussy. She obliges by opening her legs so get to where I want to be, except she is tall and I can’t reach 🙂

Time to move to the bed and I want to feel the wetness of her pussy, so I mention that she be on her back and those long legs spread wide, yoga pants removed and I dive in. finger in her pussy, tongue on her clit, hand on her tit. It takes a few minutes and she’s not loud, but soon I can feel her leg muscles, listening to her breathing, I know its coming, I put a second finger in her now wet pussy and my own dick gets harder and harder. And then she relaxes, I look up and she says it my turn.

She’s on me with my cock next to her pussy, I like that she is riding me, I get to look at her smile, her tits, her pussy and all is good but its time to change and with an ass like hers its obvious whats next. I think of putting her against the wall, but she being tall and me being short I’ll never get inside, so its just doggy on the bed and flipper her over to missionary where I finished with her legs in the air and me looking at her tits and smile 🙂

to sum it up: she’s tall, slim, blond, with a wonderful attitude, and I just loved those yoga pants (it makes that fantasy so real)

Jon sim
June 2023
Tel Aviv
one hr


Lenni is the whole package, very sexy. Slim, tall with killer eyes and smile. Her english very good so communication was easy. I’m a bit older, so things go a bit slower, Yet Lenni was very attentive, patient and success was inevitable with her skills

Mike Blauk
Tel Aviv
April 23, 2023
1 hr



As “advertised” Shes a tall slim blonde Israeli. After a quick shower she walks out wearing a towel, approaches the bed and lets the towel drop, my eyes jump out of their sockets….and that was just the beginning, the follow through was just as good!

Dec 5, 2023
Tel Aviv
1 hour
$550 USD

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