escort tel aviv - with descretion

I was late…again (I almost ran into a friend of mine)

The first time I met him I was late and since it was our first time meeting, he was a bit anxious. I did have a good excuse as I had car trouble, still I don’t like arriving late. On the other had I did promise him a GFE and being late is part of being a girlfriend 🙂

This time however I was going to on time to make up for last time, even early, at least that was the plan. And the plan was going well until I arrived at the building (the hotel was part of a mall, and office complex in Tel Aviv, Israel), where I saw one of my friends. If we were to meet, obviously there were be some small talk including where am I going. So I “hid in the bushes” (not really the bushes), but out of site. I also sent a message to my client that I’m going to be late again. I stayed hidden until my friend started walking in the opposite direction. Once she was far enough away I strolled very quickly to the entrance, walked even faster to the elevator. Asked my client to keep the door open so I don’t have to knock and be waiting outside…and slipped in. whew!

I’m considering buying one of the hats with the very wide brims so that I can hide my face when entering one of these buildings. (see the header pict). Of course it will probably just bring more attention to me, since no one wears those hats in Israel.

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