Introducing myself-the best (1) Independent Israeli Escort

Independent Israeli Escort - Lenni

Hi, I’m now introducing myself to the world as an independent Israeli Escort. This blog is intended to tell the story of my life as an escort, as a student, as a freelancer as an independent woman, as an Israeli….and if that is not enough, of course we have to add in that my escorting […]

GFE – Girlfriend Experience (My Version)

Lenni GFE - escort

In the world of escorting there is the abbreviation: GFE (girlfriend experience). In my experience it has two distinct meanings divided by age. For the younger men who simply wake up with a hard on, go to work with a hard on and simply can’t get enough of sex, its defined as the type of […]

I was late…again (I almost ran into a friend of mine)

escort tel aviv - with descretion

The first time I met him I was late and since it was our first time meeting, he was a bit anxious. I did have a good excuse as I had car trouble, still I don’t like arriving late. On the other had I did promise him a GFE and being late is part of […]

Its not always about sex

independent escort tel aviv

Escorting is not always about sex, its can be simply a person reaching out to meet someone new, having an interesting conversation, receiving the full attention from a young, cute, intelligent female. My escorting has led me to meet many interesting people that in the course of my regular life and job it would never […]

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