My Privacy and Security

I live here in Israel, in fact I was born here, have been educated here and now work in my chosen profession.

I’m also working part-time as an independent escort in Tel Aviv. This brings up for me a problem as I have brothers, sisters, friends, parents and parents friends here…..and I really prefer that they don’t know that I’m working as an escort.

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So....My Solutions

  1. No Israelis
  2. No one who lives in Israel long term
  3. Older than 40
  4. I will require your real name, the one registered at the hotel, including proper spelling

Better to be Safe then Sorry

I’m very aware that my conditions will cause me to lose potential clients. After all exposing ones ID to an unknown on the internet can be uncomfortable. However its necessary for me to avoid a nightmare scenario of meeting my uncle / professor /boss/ guy I’m flirting with/ neighbor, etc in some hotel room.

In addition, I’ve noticed that many escorts in other countries, the “higher end, VIP escorts are also requiring either ID or even a video call, which means my requirements are not that unique.